We represent professional football players in national and international leagues

Sports representation and advice

We take care of every detail of the player, providing a practically familiar treatment. We care about you 24/7, solving the different situations in which the footballer finds himself and advising him in making decisions that may be vital for his sporting future.

Promotion of sporting events and shows

The organization of sporting events and shows is also one of the main services of AFRAM FOOTBALL. We take care of organizing preseason stages for international teams at the best sports facilities in Spain, planning friendly matches, summer tournaments and recreational activities.

Financial, tax and legal advice

At AFRAM FOOTBALL we want to provide the best guidance both for athletes and for institutions, organizations and sports clubs. To offer comprehensive and excellent advice, we work with a first-rate law firm, such as CARRILLO ASESORES, who work directly with clubs of 2nd division A and 2nd B.

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